About Us

TechColibri is your friendly neighbourhood birdie that likes tech but doesn’t like gatekeeping.

No, seriously.

We’re a team of lifelong geeks who enjoy the finer things in software. You know, amazing cloud storage, super secure VPNs, stuff like that. But, we know not everyone is a tech wiz.

You might not care about nitty-gritties (though we definitely enjoy learning about them). But, we know you care about:

  • Keeping the video of your son’s first steps safe and sound.
  • Working with others on the same document without getting a headache in the process.
  • Protecting yourself from nosy spies online.

In other words, we know people don’t buy software because it has cool specs – they buy it because it solves a problem and fits their budget.

What Sets Us Apart?

Aren’t there a bunch of tech review sites already? Yup, and here’s why we’re not just another one. 

Our passion is bringing the most to-the-point, complete, up-to-date information in a language that you understand. No complicated terms, no irrelevant details, definitely no gatekeeping. 

But wait, there is more: 

We write in three languages – English, Spanish, and French. Why bother? Because everybody deserves access to quality information. We’re geeks, this is our thing. The goal is to translate tech information into trustworthy advice. And, the more people understand it, the better. 

Ultimately, we want to help you choose the best product for your needs. Whether you’re a startup founder looking to back up her projects or a new dad who wants to protect every precious memory of his kids, we’re here to help you find the service that works for you

Thank you for being here and let’s jump right in!