How Do We Make a Living?

How Do We Make a Living?

At Tech Colibri, we work hard daily to get the best products, review them, and provide our
readers with the very best information that we can. We know that there are hundreds of websites doing
the same, but here we count on our expertise and our transparency to the readers, to you. That is why
we will quickly explain how we work, how we make our money, and what makes us keep going.

We, Techcolibri, make money out of affiliate commissions. It works like this :

  1. A website (or vendor) proposes a referral/affiliate program for promoting their products or
    services. Not all websites or companies propose such a program. We do not review only
    when being paid neither.
  2. We sign up for this program, and we start reviewing the products and services offered
  3. If we evaluate the product or service worthy of your attention, we get a link for promoting it
  4. We then insert this link into an article that we write with our opinion on this product, among
    many others
  5. When someone clicks on this link, he can subscribe to the reviewed service or buy a product.
    We receive a cut as a commission. This commission does not come from the buyer, you, but it
    comes from the service/product provider.

As this compensation system can be seen as untruthful to the customer, we, Tech Colibri, state the

We would never push forward product for the commission we receive.

We would also never disguise affiliate links, as some other websites do.

If a product with no profit to us deserves first place in a ranking, we would give it what it deserves. No product where we get a cut will be promoted at your cost.

We get that lots of poor services will propose a lot of money to give them a good review. We
would not do that and not because we do not like having money, swimming in champagne, and driving a Tesla (for example). We simply believe your trust is worth more. Readers, who trust our reviews, are coming back. If they, or you, buy a bad product after a paid good review, the trust would be gone. We would like
to build a lasting relationship – rather than push low-quality services for quick cash.

That said, do not forget that we express our personal opinion and expertise in our reviews. They may
defer from yours, and you can’t blame us for having a different opinion – we’re just humans, and we’re customers with our own needs, experience, and point of view. We beg you to forgive us that.

Thank you a lot, if you got to read till the end.